Monatlicher Archiv: März 2021

The holy silk cloth Fukusa (袱紗)

In the japanese tea ceremony (Chanoyu), the host uses a silk cloth („Fukusa“ 袱 紗) to clean the utensils. These utensils are primarily tea container (Natsume, Chaire) teaspoon (chashaku) The Fukusa consists of a piece of silk that is only folded on one edge and sewn on the other three edges. It is almost square, […]

Why do we use this teaspoon called “chashaku” (茶杓)?

The chashaku is an object which is used mainly for tea ceremony purpose. There is not really a practical function in matcha preparation in daily life, except for the dosage maybe.From a practical point of view, in tea ceremony the spoon is used for taking the Macha powder out of the tea caddy- and to […]