The holy silk cloth Fukusa (袱紗)

In the japanese tea ceremony (Chanoyu), the host uses a silk cloth („Fukusa“ 袱 紗) to clean the utensils. These utensils are primarily tea container (Natsume, Chaire) teaspoon (chashaku) The Fukusa consists of a piece of silk that is only folded on one edge and sewn on the other three edges. It is almost square, […]

Why do we use this teaspoon called “chashaku” (茶杓)?

The chashaku is an object which is used mainly for tea ceremony purpose. There is not really a practical function in matcha preparation in daily life, except for the dosage maybe.From a practical point of view, in tea ceremony the spoon is used for taking the Macha powder out of the tea caddy- and to […]

An introduction in chado, the way of tea

Chado, the „Way of Tea,“ is basically concerned with activities that are a part of everyday life, yet to master these requires great cultivation. In this sense, this tradition is well described as the Art of Living. Having been nurtured on Japanese soil, it represents the quintessence of Japanese aesthetics and culture; but, over and […]